The Mozart Effect V (Don Campbell)

The Mozart Effect Don Campbell
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The Mozart Effect V Don CampbellThe Mozart Effect V (Don Campbell)

Relax en Ontspan. Muziek voor diepe rust en verjonging. This disc is designed to gently transport mind and body to a state of deep and transformative relaxation. The physical, emotional, and aural stress of modern life is unique in the human history; Volume V harnesses music’s amazing ability to instantly shift mood and energy, and allows room for the natural restoration of mind and body.

Tracklist The Mozart Effect V Don Campbell:
01 Serenade No. 10 for winds in B flat major ('Gran Partita'), K
02 Cassation for orchestra in G major, K
03 Divertimento for string quartet (or string orchestra) in F major ('Salzburg Symphony No. 3'), K
04 Violin Concerto No
05 Quintet for horn, violin, 2 violas cello in E flat major, K
06 Symphony No
07 Symphony No. 28 in C major, K
08 Symphony No. 31 in D major ('Paris'), K
09 Piano Concerto No

The Mozart Effect