Arctic Light Klaus Schonning
Arctic Light Klaus Schonning

Arctic Light Klaus Schonning

Klaus Schonning
FMFCD 1087
    Verzending: binnen 2-4 werkdagen
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The beautiful light, the wild nature and the enormous landscapes of the Arctic regions shape the background of Klaus Sch√łnning's impressive tonal sceneries on his fifth album, 'Arctic Light', which was released in 1987. Here you are guided through musical compositions of dramatic and spell binding beauty to uplifting, lilting and melodic themes that echo in your ears long after the music has faded away.

Tracklist Arctic Light Klaus Schonning:
1. Astralic Winds 4:30
2. Polar Ocean 4:09
3. Arctic Spring 10:17
4. Dark Side of the Earth 5:31
5. Nebula 7:20
6. Icarus 5:29
7. Nocturne 3:17