Jonathan Goldman Healing Sounds Frequenties II

Jonathan Goldman
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Jonathan Goldman Healing Sounds Frequenties II

Jonathan Goldman heeft met Healing Sounds Frequenties II een geweldige opvolger gemaakt van deel 1. Geweldig voor meditatie, energiewerk, lichaamswerk en diepe ontspanning.

Experience 12 Different Sonic Codes for Health, Higher Consciousness and Vibrational Activation!
HEALING SOUNDS: FREQUENCIES II is the extraordinary follow up to the award winning, best-selling FREQUENCIES CD. This new collection features newly re-mastered excerpts and mixes from the last decade of Jonathan Goldman’s amazing recordings. The order of the tracks is sequenced in a specific way that will shift and change you, bringing your body, mind and spirit to new levels of ranscendence and healing.

Includes a bonus booklet on the creation and use of this extraordinary recording.

Tracklist Jonathan Goldman Frequenties II:
01 I Am (The Divine Name) 6:54
02 Ocean Gold (Crystal Bowls Chakra Chant) 5:58
03 Angel Dreams (De-Stress) 5:11
04 Ecstatic Beginnings (Ecstatic Sonics) 7_04
05 Merkaba of Sound 6:12
06 Sei-He-Ki (Reiki Chants) 6:11
07 Cosmic Hum 6:55
08 Waves of Light 5:48
09 Harmonic Revelations (The Divine Name) 6:55
10 Chakra Brainwave Harmonizer 5:46
11 Ascension Harmonics 6:47
12 Heart of Compassion ( Chakradance) 3:59
Total play time: 01:06:36