Tom Kenyon Music of the Inner Spheres

Tom Kenyon
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Tom Kenyon Music of the Inner Spheres

“These are some of the most beautiful catalytic sound pieces that I have ever created. They swiftly open doorways into the inner worlds, and of the thousands of sound meditations I have brought into being, these are among my favorites. I go back to them time and time again. For me they are dynamic thresholds to my own inner reality and entryways into the mystery of the internal cosmos.”

Tom Kenyon

This compilation includes Heart Song, The Voices of Iona (music from the island of Iona and the Highlands of Scotland, which are related to the high lands of consciousness), The Bodhi Diamond of self-awareness, Pachamama (the music of Earth), the music of Worlds Ascending, the Stream of Light, and The Biophotonic Choir that activates the network of light within your body.

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Tracklist Tom Kenyon Music of the Inner Spheres:
1 Heart Song 10:27
2 The Voices of Iona 5:13
3 Song of the Bodhi Diamond 16:44
4 Pachamama 7:30
5 Worlds Ascending 15:39
6 Stream of Light 2:26
7 Biophotonic Choir 11:46
Total play time: 01:09:45