Drum Scenarios Steen Raahauge
Drum Scenarios Steen Raahauge

Drum Scenarios Steen Raahauge

Steen Raahauge
FMFCD 1192
    Verzending: binnen 2-4 werkdagen
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De opvolger van Listen to Another Drum! An incredible follow up to Steen greatly succesful 'Listen to another Drum'. A CD full of great rhythms with an earthy vibrant felling. Steen Raahuage masters numerous percussion instruments and the music flows from one amazing percussion melodi t the next, all full of life, energy and space for dancing dwelling and dreaming.

Tracklist Drum Scenarios Steen Raahauge:
1. Brazilian Rain 4:54
2. Desert Gypies 6:02
3. Goa Nightfall 3:32
4. Strolling in Fira 8:20
5. Ancient Message 15:42
6. Gorge of Silence 2:48
7. Dancing a Memory 4:52
8. Twirling Spirits of Ephesus 13:28
9. Chant of Dracaena 2:29