Deva Premal - Miten Cosmic Connections Live

Deva Premal - Miten
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Deva Premal - Miten Cosmic Connections Live

Deva Premal & Miten Cosmic Connections is opgenomen tijdens de wereldtournee 2014-15 van Premal & Miten met Manose en biedt de je de mogelijkheid om de bovenaardse energie te ervaren van hun live concerten. De cd begint en eindigt met Deva’s indringende vertolking van de tijdloze en mysterieuze OM mantra met daartussenin eeuwenoude mantra’s en gevoelige ballads.

Tracklist Deva Premal - Miten Cosmic Connections Live:
Om Sahana Vavatu Mantra (live) 02:45
Mangalam (live) 07:35
Nam Myoho Renge Kyo Mantra (live) 09:22
Om Kumara (live) 12:22
Rang De (live) 05:10
White Cloud White Swan (live) 04:25
Native Son (live) 05:05
Om (live) 02:28
OM Mantra (The Cosmic Yes) 10:14
Total Time: 00:59:26

Cosmic Connections Live weaves elegantly through distinctive moods, from mantras framed by intriguing East-West fusions to the intimate, moving ballads of Miten, deeply steeped in his singer-songwriter roots. From the first crystalline notes of Deva’s voice chanting an opening invocation to the closing track’s deep collective hum of hundreds of voices chanting the OM mantra, this new live album is an invitation to take a break from the endless turbulence of our times and to breathe from our calm inner core of clarity and restoration. Transcendent riffs of bamboo flute by longtime collaborator and Nepalese bansuri maestro Manose blend beautifully with the warm, finely-crafted sounds of UK keyboard wizard Spencer Cozens and Canadian multi-instrumentalist Joby Baker (on bass, percussion and vocals). Together, the skilled quintet create something that is more than simply music – a relaxing, sonic embrace that instills a deep sense of balance and peace.

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