The Mozart Effect For Babies Nighty (Don Campbell)

The Mozart Effect Don Campbell
FMFCD 1241
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The Mozart Effect For Babies Nighty Don Campbell

Features music to engage you and your baby in stimulating musical play during story time or quiet time, for a short nap or after a long day.

Tracklist The Mozart Effect For Babies Nighty Don Campbell:
1. Vienialla Finestra from Don Giovanni K527 1:55
2. Andante Grasioso I from Piano Sonata A Major K331 1:33
3. Adagio III from String Quartet No 10 C Major K170 5:25
4. Andante II from Symphony No 11 in D Major K84 2:36
5. Adagio II from Divertimento in D Major K131 6:10
6. Andante II from Oboe Quartet in E flat Major K407 7:23
7. Adagio II from String Quartet in B flat Major K174 8:17
8. Adagio IV from Divertimento in B flat Major K287 8:34
9. Langhetto II from Clarinet Quintet in A Major K581 5:56

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