Heart Music Sambodhi Prem

Heart Music Sambodhi Prem - Healing Muziek
Heart Music Sambodhi Prem - Healing Muziek
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I love how music can surround you and wrap you in its arms, how it can express things where words fall short. Depending on where you are and how you feel music can filter through to your heart and nourish the dephts of your soul.' Sambodhi Prem (Vertaling niet nodig toch....)

Tracklist Heart Music Sambodhi Prem:
1. Heart of the Forest 5:58
2. Disappearance 6:21
3. Bubble of Joy - part 1 9:51
4. Source & Spirit 10:26
5. Fleur deliss 15:13
6. Bubble of Joy 6:46

Healing Muziek - Relax Muziek

Sambodhi Prem
FMFCD 1244
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