Dreams and Joys Klaus Schonning

Klaus Schonning
FMFCD 1314
    Verzending: binnen 1-4 werkdagen
  • Beschrijving

An inspiring colaboration between three musicians and friends. Beautiful melodies and soft rhythms that give wings to thoughts and feelings. The music of the trio Eventyr receives very positive response from schools, kindergardens, and from parents from stressful children. TV-stations have also used the music as background music for documentaries. The music is perfect in the office, at the dentist and in your car.

Tracklist Dreams and Joys Klaus Schonning:
1. Gliding Eagle 6:09
2. Light 7:01
3. Peach Blossom 5:42
4. Zenith 6:54
5. Joyful 4:53
6. Springtime 5:04
7. Snowdrop 5:52
8. Friends 5:25
9. Awakening 7:29