Red Bull Gather the People

Red Bull
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Red Bull Gather the People (No Music Yet)

Tracklist Red Bull Gather the People:
Grand Entry 3:43
Men's Fancy Dance 2:08
'Let Us Give Thanks for Being Here.' 4:00
Crow Hop 1:54
Grass Dance 3:38
'Where Did All You Dancers Come from?' 3:34
Men's Fancy Dance 2:39
Old Traditional Drum Song 1:56
Slide Step 3:09
Contest Song 2:04
Listen to the Jingles 2:48
'We All Agreed to Come and Support This Pow-Wow.' 4:56
Straight Song 6:00
Intertribal 5:18
Intertribal 6:00
Total Time: 00:53:47