Northstar Music Celtic Voyage

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Celtic Voyage NorthStar Music
Northstar Music Celtic Voyage

A carefully researched and superbly performed album inspired by the Irish migration of the 1840s.

Between 1846 and 1847, due to the famine, over a million people died and a further million were compelled to emigrate to America.

There has probably never been an album so beautifully and movingly recorded, which embodies the hopes and dreams of a nation, as The Celtic Voyage.

CD Track List
Matt Hyland/The Wealthy Squire  (5:29)
Parting Glass  (4:56)
Scott Tune  (4:33)
O'Connell's Lament  (2:32)
The Saddest Breeze  (4:00)
The Voyage  (5:17)
Banks Of The Lee  (3:04)
Far From Home  (4:04)
Peeler Creek Waltz  (6:22)
Hear You, Boys  (2:29)
Lark In The Clear Air  (6:55)
Skibbereen  (5:17)