Prana Yoga

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This specially selected music from Chinmaya Dunster, Deuter, Kamal, RASA, and Terry Oldfield was compiled to accompany the practice of yoga, focusing on the meditative aspects. Prana is the life source that keeps the body alive and healthy and is also known as the ³breath of life². This music is perfect for enhancing the use of breath as a tool to enter a deeper state of awareness and create perfect balance in your asanas (postures). Prana Yoga

Tracklist Prana Yoga:
01 Purnima Namashkar Chinmaya Dunster
02 Om Purnam Rasa
03 Coming Home Chinmaya Dunster
04 Temple of Silence Deuter
05 On Sacred Ground Chinmaya Dunster
06 Sassi Kamal
07 Khajuraho Chinmaya Dunster
08 Earth and Sky Terry Oldfield
09 A Meeting Place for Friends Chinmaya Dunster

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