Satyaa Isness - Kundalini Yoga Mantras Vol. 3

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Satyaa Isness - Kundalini Yoga Mantras Vol. 3

Isness is de lang verwachte derde solo-cd van Satyaa (jul-2017) met speciale kundalini yoga mantras. "Easiness, Devotion and deep Soul-Peace."  Isness is diepe meditatie, vreugdevol, inspirerend en ontspannend in één. Het neemt je mee op een zachte reis naar binnen. Een genot voor oren, hart en ziel....

Tracklist Satyaa Isness - Kundalini Yoga Mantras Vol. 3:

01 Wahe Guru, Wahe Jio 00:09:20
02 Wings of Love 00:09:22
03 Gobinday Mukanday 00:09:16
04 Adi Shakti 00:09:22
05 I am Happy 00:08:49
06 Ong Namo - Glory 00:13:53
Total Time 01:00:02

Long awaited for and finally out: Satyaa´s third solo-album with Kundalini-Yoga-Mantras “ISNESS”! A new inspired musical synergy between Satyaa, Praful and various other musicians. Easiness, Devotion and deep Soul-Peace....these are the first impressions while listening to the flow of these Kundalini-Mantras which are carried by beautifully arranged melodies and rhythms that make you want to settle down, rest and enjoy this very moment. It is a perfect combination of deep and meditative and at the same time joyous, uplifting and relaxing. Praful´s delicate and soulful soundscapes merge so well with Satyaa´s soft and invoking clear voice. The mantric songs of this album seem to flow right out of the source of the “great creator” and take the listener on a soft journey deep within. A true treat for ears, heart and soul!

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