Tony Stockwells Angel Experience

Tony Stockwell
NWCD 069
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Tony Stockwells Angel Experience

Tony Stockwell is in Engeland een van de bekendste Medium's. "My aim for this CD is to take you on a journey to bring the wonder and brilliance of Angels into your life. The exercises offered will hopefully raise your awareness and open the door for Angels to enter, whether to help in situations of life, support or comfort, to be uplifted and energised or as an aid to your ongoing journey."

"The exercises and visualisations on this CD are there for everyone and I simply ask you to consider the possibility that Angels and Angelic Energies are there for us all to tap into, whether it's to enrich your daily life, help in times of uncertainty or as an accompaniment to your ongoing mediumistic development."Tony Stockwell.

Tracklist Tony Stockwells Angel Experience:
CD1-01 Introduction
CD1-02 Attuning to the Angelic Realm
CD1-03 Wearing your Spiritual Robe
CD1-04 Entering the Kingdom of Heaven
CD2-01 Meeting and Communing with Guardian Angel
CD2-02 Requesting Blessings and Assistance
CD2-03 Working with the Angels

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