Native American Meditations Sacred chants

Sacred chants
NWCD 469
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Luister naar de wijze woorden van Black Eik, Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse en anderen. 21 Tracks met 21 meditaties. Enkele voorbeelden: - When you arise in the morning, give thanks for your strenght and life...for your food and the joy of living.
- Teach your children what we have taught our children, that the earth is our mother
- Everything on earth has a purpose...every person, a mission. 21 Native American teachers, die ons het geheim van Moeder Aarde geven.

Tracklist Native American Meditations Sacred chants:
01 Grandmother Narration
02 Lakota Woman's Power Song
03 Behold Sitting Bull
04 I see the earth
05 Spiritual power
06 You have noticed
07 When one touches
08 Man is
09 Once I was in
10 As I stood
11 Do Not Grieve
12 Grandmother Narration 2
13 The butterfly
14 We stand and turn
14 We stand and turn
15 The color of skin
16 Thanks
17 Upon suffering
18 There are four ways
19 House made of dawn
20 Grandmother Narration 3
21 Lakota Thunder Song