Enchanted Egypt Phil Thorton and Hassam Ramzy

Phil Thornton
NWCD 557
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Phil Thornton and Hossam Ramzy embark upon yet another flavoursome excursion into the enticing land of the pharaohs. Egypt's mysticism is captured wonderfully throughout this journey of Middle Eastern culture, with light, floating melodies, exuberant tribal percussion and Thornton's masterful arrangements setting the tone.

Tracklist Enchanted Egypt Phil Thorton and Hassam Ramzy:
01 Apostles of the Interface
02 On the Desert Road to Alexandria
03 Zaiellas
04 Enchanted Egypt 1
05 Enchanted Egypt 2
06 Ali Mama
07 From Memphis to Heliopolis
08 Nefertari's Dream
09 At the Temple of Rameses the Great
10 El Fanadaan
11 On the Transit of Venus

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